An Easy 401K Platform

A Pooled 401(k) shared by Many Different Employers

Invest in the future without the headaches of 401K administration
*Solo 401(k) Eligible

The Fellow Travelers 401K is a Pooled Employer Plan 401k sponsored by Fellow Travelers Inc.
The SECURE ACT allows employers to "pool" together to share administrative costs and duties.
By sharing these costs and duties, participating employers can reduce expense AND administrative burdens.

Easy and Simple to Sign Up & Administer

Our 401K Platform is simple. No complex documents, no soul crushing quarterly meetings with a "consultant", no inane tax forms to complete... we have you covered. You can complete the paperwork in 5 minutes.

You can use our pre-selected low fee fund lineup, or choose a self directed option and have the entire Charles Schwab universe of investment options available (Other brokerages available upon request).

Also, With our Self-Directed Investments feature, you can invest in any annually valued business (or asset).


Low Transparent Pricing & Freedom

Our pricing is simple: low flat annual fees that are clear and transparent! It's a fixed number "price tag", no complex math required.

Plus, our service is FREE to most employers when you consider the tax credit savings which can equal up to $5500 per year!

Our fund options are low cost broad based Vanguard index funds along with the "best in class" socially responsible ESG funds. And for those who want the option, the ability to engage in self directed investments to invest in non-publicly traded assets.

Do you want to invest in a local community owned business, your friends new beer brewing venture, or a privately held family business... you can. We offer unparalleled CHOICE in investments at accessible prices.

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Our platform is fully built for you already. No Plan Sponsor forms, Form 5500, discrimination testing, quarterly investment committee meetings... Just simply sign up to install.

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Invest in Your Values by As You Sow

In order to align investments with values, investors must first know what they own. But since most investment portfolios and retirement plans rely heavily on mutual funds, it is nearly impossible for investors. We've done the work for you. As You Sow is a partner in helping us screen socially responsible investments.

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