Each person can choose any advisor they wish to work with! But we have a few available and ready for employees without an existing advisor or who want to work with an advisor who works with socially responsible investing in mind.

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When we are kept in the dark about our finances, we lose our autonomy and power. When we are taught that money is a taboo, we hide from ourselves and whisper about our mistakes instead of questioning why.

Why are we not taught this information in schools? Why are we taught to feel ashamed and embarrassed to talk about money? Why are financial products so confusing that we often give up trying to understand? Why does it feel overwhelming to just manage our finances?

Let’s change all that. Let’s take back our autonomy and power.

The financial services industry is a murky place, purposely designed to obfuscate and misdirect. The industry perpetuates an entire economic system that ignores or takes advantage of marginalized communities.

It will take 228 years for the average Black family to catch up to the wealth of a white family today. Racial wealth inequality affects us all. It’s led to stagnant wages, higher cost of living, insane amounts of student loan debt, and ultimately, its led to a handful of people controlling most of the wealth.

People often wonder what they can do about this. The stats can feel overwhelming and disheartening. What we’ve learned is when you feel empowered and in control of your finances, when you feel safe, stable, and secure, you’re able to free yourself and take care of those around you in a meaningful way and affect change for the next generation.

Greg Davis

Gregory works with business owners, individuals and non-profits to implement strategies to create, grow and protect their assets. Gregory provides fee-only asset management services as well as fee-only advice to individuals and businesses. Gregory has more than 20 years experience as a portfolio manager providing clients with his expertise in investment management, comprehensive financial planning and retirement planning. When Gregory created Vertex Financial Advisors, his primary mission was to help individuals cut through the complexities of managing their personal investments. While most essential financial principles are timeless common sense, it can be a challenge to apply them in a market tangled by hidden fees and conflicts of interest. Gregory received his B.S. in Commerce and Engineering from Drexel University and also has a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Finance from Drexel University.

Matthew Tae

Matt primarily works with business owners (and the self employed) and provides fee only financial advice. Matt specializes in planning around business structure, human capital / employee benefits, tax structure, government loan programs, and administrative processes. He will not help you "beat the market" or get fantastic investment returns. There's more gain through tax efficiency, deciding to buy a house vs investing in the stock market, or deploying shareholder basis / retained earnings at opportune moments then "beating the market". Investing in the stock market is easy

"If you don't know who you are, the markets are a very expensive place to find out."