Our Services are for Sole Proprietors, LLC, LLP, S-Corporations, Non-Profits, and C-Corporations.

Employer Fees

  • All Companies: $150 one time set up fee
  • Annual Fee: $450 per year
  • Fellow Travelers Members:$300 per year
  • One Employee Company: $80 per year
  • Non safe-harbor 401K design: $300 per year. Waived if no testing required (Everyone is an owner or NO one is a "key employee").
  • ERISA fidelity bond: included in annual fee

  • Basic Profit Sharing = $100
  • Special Projects & Non-recurring consulting services = $150 per hour
  • Travel for employer/employee meetings = reimbursed expenses will apply if travel is required.

    Merrill Lynch Betterment
    *Keep in mind that beyond the "face value" fees shown...there are often HIDDEN fees like ERISA fidelity bond fees, 12b-1, loads, and high expense ratio funds used in exchange for "kickbacks". There are no hidden fees with us.
  • Employee Fees

  • $8.33 per month ($100 per year) for record keeping, tax reporting, custodial, administrative, and technology fees. (Option: This fee can be paid by the Company/Employer)
  • Average Core Fund Expense Ratio: 0.132%
  • 0.04% annual custodial fee charged by the bank to secure the funds with compliance requirements. This is $4 per $1000 invested per year. This FEE is LOW! Check the fine print of other 401K vendors and most will have a fee much higher than this!
  • $1 per electronic delivery fee of notices / disclosures, usually once per year

  • $200 per year for Self Directed Investment Platform (i.e. non-publicly traded investments, alternative investments, individual stocks & bonds, options & other derivitives, etc)
  • If employee chooses to work with a financial advisor, the advisor may charge fees to the employee at a rate negotiated between the employee & advisor.
  • Participant Distribution / Early Withdraw = $100 [each]
  • Participant 401K Loan = $100 [each]
  • Participant Loan Maintenance = $100 per year if loan is outstanding
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Order = $250 [each]

  • We offer 4 vesting schedule Options: Safe Harbor, 3 Year Cliff, 6 Year Graded, and No Match / Vesting.